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Departure from Piñeiros School and go along the way behind it which goes on until one asphalted way. We turn left. Few meters later, there is a signpost The Teixido way. Go out from the asphalted way and we go ahead the stone pavement which goes down to left towards Xuvia river.

Arrival to Aceas Mill. Was built in the 18th century. The Mill was used to grind the grain.Nowadays that´s being restored.

Go on until arrive to highway AP-9. We have to go on across the Xuvia Maritime Walk. Also three km. after, we arrive until the Andrade Bridge which connects Narón and Neda localities.

Across the road to continue on left where we can see the great Xuvia Mill among the nice older trees. Nowadays this mill is being restored too. Walk a long river shore. That’s wide and well preserved way, nevertheless later turns fishermen’s path.

The children could do the whole way perfectly (From 8 years old) although advisable wear trekking shoes because there are small areas quite muddy, above all if it has rained lately. Besides we must take care with the tree roots that cross over the path.

About 1,44 Km we found the Rei Dam. The dam was built between 1791 and 1795 for Alfonso XIII. The Dam was used to move the Xuvia Real Coin Factory’s mechanism.

600 meters after we go up to asphalted way again. Few meters later we found one passage over creek. This passage allow go along river shore. Although the grass is higher here, we can walk without difficulty.

6 Km. 55 Mtr. from departure, we arrive to fish farm ruins. Today a neglect installation.

One km later approximately, we can see the “fisheries” from the Middle Ages. The “fisheries” are stones strategically putted in the riverbed to get fishing facilities.

Meters later we arrive to As Cerdeiras area. That is the bridge and mill Gradaille situation.

Attention! The grass near from Gradaille Mill is higher than previously (Approx. 80 cm besides the path narrows as consequence of river risen.

We go ahead a long the river shore until one asphalted way again. That’s one house’s access. Across the asphalted way in order to go along the path.

Attention! The grass turns quite thick here. Then the path visibility can be a bit complicated.

After 1,56 Km approx. (2,98 Km from the fish farm) we arrive to other mill. This mill is located between Castro and Xuvia rivers and therefore it’s called Entrerrios. This recreative area is well preserved and equipped with wood tables and stone banks where be able to rest. Although the route end is already near from here.

After few meters, we will find the Pedroso Mill. Called Chao Mill too. This mill is completely restored and besides it’s working nowadays. Here we can enjoy the amazing recreative area. It has some wood tables and banks. Among other facilities we find children plays and a camp site equipped with bungalows.  This is a lovely place to have lunch.

This is the route end. We have re-adapted and verified.