Narón Tourism

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The Teixido old way was born because of pilgrimage to Saint Andrew. The legend told that Jesus during his travel around the world, did a break at Teixido where he found to Saint Andrew so sad a cause loneliness. Therefore, Jesus promise him that all people who not visiting the sanctuary alive, will do it after dead. During the way we must take care in orden to not press small animals because said the legend, could be soul. Traditionaly the pilgrims drank water from the three pipes spring, asking for a wish before. Nowadays we will take care because the water isn´t drinkable.

The route has 42 Km. but Approximately 13 Km. across Narón. Departure from O Couto Monastery towards Outeiro Castro de Petouzal, go down to Aceas Mill to go out across Castilla Road AC 862 direction O Feal There is located Castro Sequeiro. We go ahead towards Pena de Embade. We go along A Carreira Road between Valdoviño and Narón limits, we arrive Monte Esperón whitch offer us amazing views.

Red fishes painted over wood indicators show us the correct way.