Narón Tourism

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route map

We began the route in de las Cabras Bridge along Castilla Road AC-862, near from here we found the old school Nuestra Señora de Chamorro situated at number 60, historical building with regionalist style from 1931. Few meters later on left we will see  the Mckinlay´s home, called Villa Consuelo too, it has two plants and under cover.

We go ahead  until Alto del Castaño district, the same square where is situated the Town Hall we can visit the Chalet de Antón accommodated like culture´s home.

We will go along Castilla Road AC-862 until Piñeiros and there can see Pedra de Grao home. Few meters laltar we go to discover  tipical home from galician style. To continue A Torre building.

Arrival to Xuvia, we can see two houses more there,  the Freire´s Home and the other one Roman´s House , which was built to ends of the 19th century and the architectural style is representative the french romanesque.

Due to the long distances it is advisable to take the bicycle to do this route. We go ahead a long Cedeira Road AC-566. We arrive to Castro district and there we will find Pazo de Nelle,  the Pita Romero´s summer home and Pazo Libunca.

Pazo Libunca is the most emblematic buildings of our town, this buiding with modernist style stands out for the originality decoration with Levantine ceramics and artistic iron latticeworks. Besides it has lovely garden where there are centenary tres, ponds and sources. Nowadays used to four stairs hotel, it was built in 1918 by Montenegro.

Next stop we will take Ferrol - Valdoviño Road C-546 until O Val we will find the path on right to go to Baltar's Convent, about 600 m. after approximately. Though re-turned into convent in 1914 it was built in the 16th century in order to the Marqueses de Lago-San Sadurniño enjoyment. Finally and not less outsanding, return to Ferrol across C-646 Ferrol Road, leaving behind the military barracks, we can see on left hand the Muiño do Vento, circular mill. This interesting building preserves stone stairs together with a typical chimney.