Narón Tourism

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route map

The Galician culture wealth we recover the Celtic forbears tradition, across the vestiges that nowadays still are well-preserved, can imagine their costums. Hereby we will walk a long old celtic homes, called Castros ,situated in Naron locality.

Departure from O Couto Monastery  towards A Picota, we found high mountain, the perspective will allow us see the Castro de O Petouzal , it has 5 m. pits depth and  defensive walls that reach 10 m. of height.

After going down to Aceas Mill, our following destination  Castro de Sequeiro, whose dimensions reach 140-120 m. The legend told that apparently it might be communicated with Pazo dos Mouros in Pena Ferreira across submarine tunnels.

Later we will have to take Os Vicas Road where also we will find other Castro it has 100 m. approximately. Near from here is located Castro de A Revolta with less size and practically covered.

We will go ahead until Sedes district, we will go on the road up until Castro de Eiravedra whitch among others because of the situation favoured and well-preserved. Lovely legend was born here about a passionate love story which the girl´s father  was opposed. The young girl was charmed like punishment, hereby she was transformed a awful serpent. Only one kiss from her lover would break the charm, but after delay, finally love triumphed. To arrival the emplacement we have to concentrate on the indicators that path after path go towards the Castro. The dimensions reach 130 and 140 m. There we will be able to enjoy the typical pallozas built with stone walls and origins were covered with a conical straw roof, perfectly to the cold winter.

Next stop, Pedroso, to go we will have to take San Sadurniño Road AC-112, there we find the Castro de Pereiruga less defined than the previous ones. It situated over Monte dos Nenos. Near from here we have the opportunity to know the authentic style of rural houses in Pereiruga de Abaixo´s place.

We continue in Pedroso and our last stop, Castro de A Ermida situated to Mosteiro's place south. Demarcation is almost invaluable nowadays but we could visit the Virgen de la O hermitage. A popular pilgrimage is kept nowadays on the second Sunday of May in order to gradeful her help during drought time.