Narón Tourism

not Official Tourism Site of Narón.

route map

Departure from Baltar Convent situated in O Val district. From here we will walk until Pena Molexa, singular stone over big rocks. One legend told that this stone was one beautiful fairy under one powerful charm. The first summer night the fairy recuperate life and she offer to people who looks her choose between pretty treasure or she, but the greedy people bring about the rock keep the pretty fairy newly.

We will go up to Vilasuso, old celtic home. Quickly will find Pena Lopesa where we could see the steeps and Lopesa beach.

We will go ahead until Campo do Avial to go down direction Casal and Hortiña beaches, small lovely creeks. Arrive until the sand can involve high difficulty even to the adventurous people. But from the high steep will enjoy the amazing views.

Few meters later we find us over Vilarquinte Mountain, will enjoy outsanding views again, here we can see one geodesic point, one ruinous barracks and one abandoned old village.

alto Lagoa