Narón Tourism

not Official Tourism Site of Narón.

The nights of Narón are synonymous of amusement. An amusement that begins already in the middle of the evening, when practically all the cafes, terraces and pubs open his doors.

The principal zones of nightlife area and discotheques are A Gándara, the Carretera de Castilla, and carretera de Cedeira, though the latter with fewer places that other two.

In A Gándara, in the surroundings of the Odeón shopping and leisure center, numerous cafes, pubs and discotheques are opened lately. Besides the area of attraction that represents the center of leisure and the near hypermarkets, one of the factors that more influenced the summit of these establishments is the facility of parking.

The Carretera de Castilla, specially from the Alto do Castaño up to Xuvia,  has a great offer of night leisure, with disc-bar, discotheques, cafes, and several terraces.
In rush hours it is a bit complicated to find where to park due to the public's great presence.
At present, it is the fashionable zone.