Narón Tourism

not Official Tourism Site of Narón.

Pazo da Cultura


Cultural Programming

pdf  The Culture Board programming can be downloaded at this link (galician language only) and is available on the web. (only spanish and galician content).


Neighborhoods associations

The associations and the many socio-cultural associations of Narón make a strong and prominent promotion of our culture: popular festivals, exhibitions, workshops, etc ... To know about current initiatives, vvisit the News Web, where  we will public them as soon as we are notified.


Cinemas - Publicity board

Narón has 12 modern and confortable cinemas, with seats in degree, THX sound and 3D.

They are in the shopping and leisure center Odeon, in the estate of A Gándara. The cinemas belong to the Abaco Group chain, Cinebox

The telephone number is +34 981 389 501

(spanish language)