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Narón City Council is in the province of A Coruña.

The main access routes are:

By land:

By Road: the main access to Narón. Today in the AP-9-Narón Ferrol-Madrid has links with the towns of Freixeiro, La Gándara and O Ponto ( Xuvia), and the Río do Pozo Industrial Area by high capacity roads. These branches also connect the motorway to urban centers with each other. The A-64, Ferrol-As Pontes-Vilalba, has three hits in the municipality in Sedes, Castro and the Río do Pozo Industrial Area.
To these must be added an extensive network of roads as the Carretera de Castilla in their four miles through the city center until Ferrol, and the Ferrol-Cedeira and Ferrol-Ribadeo regional roads.

From the capital of the province (A Coruña), you takes about thirty minutes to arrive at Narón by the highway.

By train: the railroad Ferrol-Gijon, of FEVE, is a good alternative to the transport by road, especially in the modal to the trips of surroundings, since eight existing alighting-places in the town hall bring the rural areas over to the urban zone.
Also IT IS possible to come in RENFE's railroad up to the town hall of Ferrol, bordering of Narón, and from there to approaching in FEVE's train or by road

By sea:

So much Ferrol's port (bordering town hall) since of A Coruña they allow moor of tourist cruises and pleasure boats, enjoying of a beautiful Ferrol's estuary view.

By air:

The nearness of the airports of A Coruña and from Santiago de Compostela, communicated with Narón by highway, they allow to come to those who travel from off.


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